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"The perpetrator always returns to the scene of the crime" - this saying also applies to Petra Hoffmann from update texware GmbH, who gave a lecture on "ERP in textile companies" at the State Textile College in Münchberg on July 3, 2017.

Petra Hoffmann studied at the same school and graduated with a degree in textile engineering (FH) in 1993. As an absolute expert in the industry, she has been working as a sales representative at update texware GmbH in Kulmbach since 2016, a software company that offers the industry ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution texware/CS specially developed for the textile industry.

At the textile college in Münchberg, students are prepared for their diverse range of tasks in their future managerial positions in production, quality assurance, work preparation, scheduling, planning, etc. after completing their training and gaining initial professional experience in a wide variety of textile areas. In order to organize the tasks and requirements as well as the associated operational processes efficiently, a powerful ERP system is essential, says Klaus Schröppel, IT manager of the textile college. In order to make his students "fit" in this area as well, he organized the presentation by the Kulmbach software company as part of his IT lessons.

What is an ERP system? What benefits does it bring? How does the implementation process work in a textile company? These were the fundamental questions that Petra Hoffmann answered in her presentation.

"You need to remain competitive and become better, cheaper and faster than your competitors. This is not possible without modern information technology. It must integrate all aspects of business management, production control, warehousing, sales and purchasing and not only provide you with accurate data, but also control and optimize processes," says the textile expert.

update texware has such a solution: texware/CS - an ERP system specially developed for companies in the textile industry. The company's more than 40 employees - most of whom are "textile experts" themselves - have "tailored" the in-house programmed software to the textile-specific characteristics in such a way that even the standard version covers an enormous range of requirements from a wide variety of textile sectors.

The advantages are obvious: individual adjustments are hardly necessary and therefore save the company time and money. The adjustments that are nevertheless required can be implemented quickly. This is also confirmed by update texware's customers, who examined alternatives from multinational software groups but ultimately opted for texware/CS have decided.

"Be sure to volunteer if your company has a project like this coming up," Petra Hoffmann encouraged the budding textile technicians. "It offers you the unique opportunity to actively shape your future work processes and the overall development of the company and is also a very good reference for your career."

The lecture served as a prelude to further lectures in which the students also learned how to use the ERP software in practice. texware/CS should try out. The practical training at the textile college is geared towards the many and varied demands that are placed on competent employees in today's trade and textile and clothing industry with regard to their textile and commercial expertise. update texware is proud to be able to make a contribution to this.

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