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Business software for the textile and clothing industry

Our ERP solution forms the basis texware/ERP. The flexible standard software was specially designed for the requirements of the textile and clothing industry as well as the textile trade and is used worldwide. Whether in yarn production, textile processing, finishing, ready-made garments or in the retail trade - the texware/ERP ensures transparency and consistent data flow at every link in the process chain.

Supplementary modules and our software solutions for MES, PDA, Business Intelligence and EDI can be seamlessly integrated.

The solutions support several languages and can of course be adapted to individual circumstances. A comprehensive service organization supports you during planning, implementation and operation. A team of software specialists is available for adaptations. We guarantee the release capability of individual developments. During operation, we continue to support you with expert advice and training. Thanks to regular updates, the software always remains at the cutting edge of technology.


Our software solutions at a glance


All-in-one solution specially developed for the textile and clothing industry, for use throughout the entire value chain.


Production control for digital mapping and optimization of your production processes.

PDA - Production Data Acquisition

Digitalization platform for precise, real-time-oriented and, above all, permanent production data acquisition, monitoring and analysis in production.

Graphical production control center

Whether capacity utilization, order progress or deadline situation: the flexibly adaptable graphical control station provides a sound basis for planning and decision-making.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Management of all information, interactions and phases of your company's relationships with your customers, partner companies, suppliers and potential new customers.

Fabric Inspection

Tool specially developed for the textile industry for qualified, calibrated fabric inspection with intuitive touchscreen interface.

EDI - Integration platform

Secure and automated exchange of electronic documents such as orders, invoices and delivery bills with your customers, business partners and suppliers.

Business Intelligence

Comprehensive and timely performance management solution that enables detailed analysis of company data in order to develop strategies for achieving corporate goals.