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Software modules for the textile value chain

texware/ERP is used as industry software specifically for the textile and clothing industry within the entire value chain as an ERP system - yarn production, textile fabrics production, finishing, clothing manufacture and trade. Both in fully integrated companies and in highly specialized production or trading companies.

Thanks to its modular structure, the software can be easily scaled with growing structures. Regardless of whether you start with order processing, production planning and control (PPC) or MDA during implementation, all areas of the company are integrated.

Cross-divisional workflows simplify work processes throughout your company.

Together with a familiar user interface and flexible parameter control, this significantly reduces the amount of training and customization required. With texware/ERP you have the strings in your hand!

Functions overview

Our ERP software
Key features

Discover the outstanding features of our ERP software! The illustration shows all the essential functions and integrations of our ERP software.

Our functions

ERP basic modules

An end-to-end solution for all areas of the company.

Supplementary modules

ERP - supplementary modules

texware/ERP covers most of the common basic requirements in its basic version and can be adapted to specific circumstances using special standard add-on modules.

  • Tool for designing and printing labels
  • Design your own lists and print them or output them as a file
  • Individual print layout design
  • Embedding images and logos
  • Generating barcodes or QR codes
  • Creation of inspection plans per article
  • Incoming goods inspection with automated transfer posting on release
  • Documentation of actual values and comparison with target values
  • Output of 8-D report, PPAP
  • Batch and lot traceability across the entire process chain
  • Connection of testing equipment such as Zwick tensile strength testers
  • Factory test certificates
  • Standard programs for transferring, debiting and adding material
  • Final notification of operations and production orders via scanner
  • Plausibility checks during the booking process
  • Picking and packing, picking by scanner
  • Writing and reading RFID
  • Maintenance module for production machines, vehicle fleet, testing equipment, building services, etc.
  • Freely definable maintenance processes and intervals
  • Determination of maintenance due depending on time/running time/operating hours
  • Display of maintenance due in the activity monitor
  • Documentation of maintenance procedures
  • Direct recording of costs for working time and spare parts
  • Implementation of predictive maintenance requirements
  • Graphical representation of machine utilization over time
  • Planning of production orders on machines via drag & drop
  • Color coding of time-critical orders
  • Calculation of running times depending on shift calendar and production speed
  • Interaction with the ERP to display further information
  • Available for yarn producers, for manufacturers of flat goods and for garment makers


  • Support for customers and interested parties
  • Integrated project/object management
  • Digital customer file: Orders, processes and documents
  • Documentation of activities (visits, phone calls, e-mails) with scheduling of the next planned actions
  • Form target groups with individual characteristics
  • Targeted approach with newsletters via the campaign tool
  • Managing leads with weighted closing forecast


  • Calibrated product display with touchscreen
  • Customizable error buttons (color and text assignment)
  • Freely definable piece label per customer
  • Error log with X/Y coordinate transmission, inspection report
  • Graphical view of defects
  • Data import from camera systems as the basis for AI applications




Additional modules

ERP - additional modules

These modules can be combined with texware/ERP or in combination with any other ERP solution.

  • Monitoring app
  • Industry 4.0 extensions: OPC-UA Client & MQTT Broker
  • Transparent real-time control of production
  • Quick and easy display of relevant production data
    (number of tours, efficiency, stops, etc.)
  • Freely definable limit values and filters
  • Permanent process control
  • Detailed display of malfunctions
  • BI functionality integrated
  • Detailed analyses of individual machines at a glance
  • Access via all browser-enabled input devices (Internet and Intranet)
  • Modular extensions possible (production control center)


  • Fast and flexible ad-hoc analyses
  • Dashboards for summarizing analyses and graphically displaying key figures/KPIs (speedometer functions, scorecards, etc.)
  • Flexible integration of the evaluation into existing applications
  • Dynamic drill-down and drill-across through all dimensions of the data
  • Access down to data record level
  • Object-oriented database (IRIS Data Platform) for large amounts of data
  • Retrieve analyses on all browser-enabled devices



  • Automatic mode for time and event-oriented sending, receiving, converting and further processing of data
  • Mapping editor with drag & drop functionality
  • Automatically generated event log file for tracking actions and processes (logging)
  • Step-by-step guidance of the user through a sequence of input masks (wizard-controlled web interface)
  • Partner-specific field tests
  • System sends info and error messages
  • Transfer protocols: X.400, OFTP, OFTP2, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, AS2
  • Message standards: EDIFACT (EANCOM, EDITEX), VDA (automotive), XML, CSV, X.12, HL7


  • Production planning and simulation using texware/Planboard
  • texware/Monitoring enables seamless integration of production systems and machines.
  • Stock management with storage locations and storage bins, display of item numbers and batches. Material bookings are made using a web-enabled scanner.
  • Even older machines and systems without modern interfaces can be connected using the gateways from our hardware partner in.hub GmbH  be connected.
  • Workflow
  • Comprehensive control and monitoring of product quality through targeted tests and systematic feedback
  • Mobile devices
  • Quick overview of energy consumption and energy costs; allocation to production orders and articles
  • Simple planning, scheduling and completion notification of maintenance activities; maintenance dashboard on mobile devices; prioritization of maintenance activities and recording of maintenance costs
  • The display of technical data, machine settings and recipes on your production documents ensures the reproducibility of your processes
  • Personnel deployment planning



Interfaces overview

Accounting, Wages & salaries
Further interfaces

4. Flexible interfaces

Further interfaces with any textile, commercial, technical and logistical subsystems can be implemented in-house.

5. For MS-Office

Interaction of the application with the MS Office world

6. Forward-looking orientation

.NET and web technology as a strategic technology focus

7. Cloud ready

Installation on common cloud servers, in the data center or on-premise possible

8. further integrations

Integration of e-technologies such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), e-Business

Our functions

The all-in-one solution
for textiles

A consistent all-in-one solution for all areas of the company.

1. Multi-site capable

Multi-site capability and multilingualism ensure international use.

2. Modular

Modular design and scalable to variable company sizes.

3. Preconfigured interfaces

Preconfigured in-house interfaces for outputting data in XML/CSV format or via Web API

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Integrated basic modules


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Project phases

1. Presentation

2. Workshop & Specifications

3. Contract & Project Start

4. Detailed concept & Training

5. GO-Live

6. Service & Support


ERP - The next steps

Our project managers create trust from the very first moment thanks to their textile background and years of experience in the textile world. We work with you to tailor the implementation strategy to your company so that the changeover runs as smoothly as possible for you. A partial or phased introduction is also possible. With our special import programs, you can transfer as much data as possible from your legacy systems. The faster and more competently the users can handle the new software, the higher the level of acceptance. A targeted training concept and precise deadline and budget monitoring are the prerequisites for a successful Go-Live.

After the GO-Live, you remain in constant dialog with your project manager. Together you can discuss improvements and innovations. If you have any problems, our support hotline is also available during business hours. Experienced employees from our company will be happy to help you over the phone or via remote access. Every support request is recorded, processed and documented in our internal ticket system. You will regularly receive our release news with a detailed description of our standard enhancements. Detailed module descriptions and an integrated help system are available for training new employees. We also offer individual on-the-job training courses on request. We are here for you!

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