MES - Production Management


MES - Production Management

Specially developed for the requirements of the textile industry, texware/MES offers a comprehensive range of functions for digitally mapping and optimizing your production processes and ensuring process reliability throughout the entire production chain. The solution can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your company and integrated into your existing ERP system.

Functions overview

Our MES modules

Discover the outstanding features of our MES software! The illustration shows an overview of all essential functions and integrations. Find out more about the respective functions in the following sections.

Functions in detail

Digitally mapping production processes

1. ERP system

Integrate the modules seamlessly into texware/ERP or into your existing IT landscape or ERP system.

2. QM/QA

Comprehensive control and monitoring of product quality through targeted tests and systematic feedback. Creation of factory test certificates, 8-D reports and other reports and evaluations.

3. Workflow

Automate your workflows and pass on information from work step to work step. Individually generated to-do lists can be assigned to each user (complaint management, production order release, etc.).

4. Business intelligence

texware/DeepSee provides user-friendly dashboards to summarize analyses and graphically display key figures/KPIs.

5. Materials management and logistics

Stock management with storage locations and storage bins, display of item numbers and batches. Material bookings are made using a web-enabled scanner.

6. Production planning and simulation

Simple and precise planning of production orders and continuous monitoring using the graphical production control center texware/Planboard for optimum production control.

7. PDA: texware/Monitoring

Enables seamless integration of production facilities and machines (including retrofit) for real-time data collection and analysis, providing in-depth insights into the performance, efficiency and quality of your manufacturing processes.

8. Retrofit

Even older machines and systems without modern interfaces can be connected using the gateways of our hardware partner in.hub GmbH with texware/Monitoring be connected.

9. Energy management

Quick overview of energy consumption and energy costs; allocation to production orders and articles.

10. Personnel

Integrate your shift calendar into production planning, store cost records, assign production units to employees and record working times for individual work steps through to work schedules.

11. Labels | lists | printing

Printing of barcode labels for articles/cartons/pallets; EasyPrint tool for individual design of labels and lists, output as print or file; individual print layout design; embedding of images and logos; generation of barcodes or QR codes

12. Mobile devices

Use mobile devices to easily carry out declarations for downtimes and report maintenance work on the machine immediately. Material bookings are carried out easily using web-enabled scanners.

13. Fabric Inspection

Freely variable defect buttons and exact specification of the defect location through X/Y coordinate transmission and meter count recording allow you to provide your customers with the desired, freely definable goods inspection report. You also have the option of connecting the fabric inspection module to your QM and ERP system.

14. Maintenance/servicing

Simple planning, scheduling and completion notification of maintenance activities; maintenance dashboard on mobile devices; prioritization of maintenance activities and recording of maintenance costs.

15. Process reliability | document management

The display of technical data, machine settings and recipes on your production documents ensures the reproducibility of your processes. Receipts and documents are automatically archived electronically. You can use the media pool to manage files in any format.

1. Optimized production

Increase the efficiency of your production processes, minimize bottlenecks and maximize the utilization of your resources.

2. Real-time monitoring

Get a clear overview of your production in real time and react immediately to changes and challenges.

3. Reduction of second grade material / waste

Ensure the highest quality standards through precise control and monitoring of all production phases and thus reduce the costs of second choice and rejects.

4. Sustainability

Seamless material tracking and recording of goods and waste flows.

5. Traceability

Batch-specific allocation of material to finished goods throughout the entire production process.


How our MES software
helps you

Improve your production with optimized processes, real-time monitoring and precise quality control. Minimize bottlenecks, maximize resource utilization and reduce second choice and scrap costs. Sustainable production is ensured through seamless material tracking and traceability, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

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