Monitoring / PDA


Monitoring / PDA

texware/Monitoring enables precise, real-time-oriented and, above all, permanent machine data acquisition, monitoring and analysis in production.

The easily configurable dashboard displays the data from the machines that are connected directly via the OPC UA interface or via external sensors (retrofit). Digitize your production by making declarations directly at the machine terminal and not only recording them at the end of the shift.

With texware/Monitoring the following machines are connected at customers: Weaving machines, tufting machines, braiding machines, coating lines, dyeing machines, stenter frames, ring spinning machines, carding machines, combing machines, twisting machines and others.

The stand-alone solution texware/Monitoring runs on all browser-enabled devices and can be connected to any ERP system.

3. Input panel

For (web) machines, the input panel of the machine can be used directly for declarations.

4. User-friendly dashboard

Quick and easy display of relevant production data in the dashboard (tour numbers, utilization effects, stops, etc.)

5. start/stop diagram

Display of downtime reasons per machine

6. Dashboards

Customized displays without programming knowledge

7. Business intelligence

Modern Iris Data Platform

8. Database

Object-oriented database "IRIS Data Platform" is high-performance for processing large volumes of data

9. Web application

texware/Monitoring runs on all devices with an Internet browser

10. Modular extensions

For example, graphic production control center texware/Planboard


PDA - Our functions

1. Monitoring App

Possibility to record machine-related feedback (declarations) without terminals on the machines. The smartphone hardware (camera, bell, vibration) is used for this.

2. industry 4.0 extensions: OPC-UA Client & MQTT Broker

Connect the machines directly via the machine's REST-API interface or using sensors (retrofit) via LAN/W-LAN with texware/Monitoring. Our hardware partner for sensor technology: in.hub GmbH


How our BDE software
helps you

In the production environment, the store floor analysis enables a detailed examination of the work areas on site. This analysis enables malfunctions and material faults to be detected at an early stage, which increases efficiency and minimizes downtime. Another advantage is the simplification of shift handovers, thanks to a smooth flow of information during changeovers. Employees also have access to key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling them to continuously improve. In addition, they have access to data from texware/ERPwhich provide them with information on order data, technical parameters and maintenance due in order to do their work faster and more effectively.

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