Not all make-ups are the same.
Our software knows
what is important.

The production of workwear, corporate wear, women’s wear, men’s wear, sportswear, lingerie and accessories requires specialists. Why not work with a software that can cover their special requirements.

  • Multidimensional articles with single sizes
  • Confection sizes/size grid/measurement tables
  • Flat knitting fully fashioned in ready-made sizes
  • External make-up with automatic creation of delivery documents
  • Bundle compilation for sewing shop
  • Test certificates for workwear
  • and much more


Return or discount?
Our software guarantees
perfect support to traders.

Whether you are a wholesaler, a store retailer or an online retailer, you are ideally equipped with our software.

  • Collections/Seasons/Themes
  • Textile specific piece tags/tags
  • Customer service with key accounts, sales representatives
  • Consignment stock
  • Returns processing
  • Linking parcel services via Web API interface
  • Textile-specific surcharges and discounts
  • Interfaces to common web-shop systems
  • Test certificates for workwear
  • and much more